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Christina Yu-Eisenberg

Christina Yu-Eisenberg

Head of Marketing @ McGraw-Hill

Chris is one of the best marketers I have ever worked with. Chris truly loves digital marketing (he lives and breathes it) and builds on his knowledge every day. I'd be hard pressed to find someone else who cares as much about staying up-to-date with industry developments and trying out new tools and software. At Knewton, he laid out a robust acquisitions strategy, and dramatically improved our growth on a number of levels, bringing a metrics-driven discipline to our team efforts. On the interpersonal side, Chris excels at both supporting teammates and leading his own initiatives. He has a natural ability to teach others and transfer his skills and knowledge. A true delight to work with! Someone you want on your team.

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship @ Vanderbilt

I worked with Chris at Techstars where he was a marketing and customer development mentor for the 12 companies going through the program. The knowledge and mentorship Chris brought resulted in major pivots and improved customer traction for multiple companies. Chris always offered his advice and expertise outside of Techstars and was widely regarded by all the teams. He is extremely impressive and I hope to work with him again.

Ryan Provost

Ryan Provost

Tech Director @ IBM iX

Chris likes to get things done. He will work tirelessly to deliver everything he takes on. In the startup world, that passion is exactly what drives growth — both from a product and cultural perspective. That very energy pushes those around him to excel.

I had the pleasure of working with Chris for nearly a year and I would say that he is both passionate and determined. He has an insatiable desire to learn and surround himself with people who both support and complement his endeavors.

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