iExcel has unique experience working with both sides of the Real Estate Tech industry, both the Agent side and property seller side.

Trusted by leading Real Estate Tech brands

iExcel has a unique experience of working with both sides of the Real Estate Tech industry, whether on the Agent side, or the property seller side.

Trusted by leading Real Estate Tech brands

Real Estate Tech Case Studies


iExcel played an integral part in the success of Contactually, including Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy.

Results include:

  • $2M in advertising (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Capterra, G2, FitSmallBusiness)
  • +77% site conversion rate
  • +82% AdWords conversion rate
  • +244% Blog / Organic Search traffic
  • +929% AdWords traffic
  • +83% Email traffic
  • +30% Social Media traffic


iExcel developed the initial Search Engine Optimization infrastructure for TheSquareFoot (now SquareFoot).

Results include:

  • 132k monthly organic visits in 3+ years.

Real Estate Tech Testinomials

Founder / COO, Contactually

“Chris is a force of nature. In his time at Contactually, he transformed our marketing efforts — and build a highly-performant acquisition machine. He constantly was testing and iterating on campaigns to drive more leads in a cost-effective manner. Much of growth in the past few years was due to the strategic and tactics he laid out (and largely executed). Chris gave 100% to Contactually, and I have no doubt he’d bring that same level of passion and hustle to any organization he joins.”

Tony Cappaert

Director, Enterprise Customer Success, Contactually

I was so impressed with Chris’ unprecedented work ethic and the transparency and realness that he brought to the table as a marketing leader. Whether it’s preparing a top-notch deck for a Board or leadership meeting sharing metrics, to educating all of our staff on the state of marketing, Chris puts in 110% to achieve results. Incredibly quant-driven, Chris is your right-hand man for developing strategy, designing marketing campaigns, forecasting, building relationships with stakeholders, and providing key insights. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and the positive outlook, collaboration, and action-oriented mindset he brought to the table every day.

Angelika O’Reilly

Digital Marketing Associate, Contactually

Chris is the definition of hustle, and I was fortunate enough to experience his hunger for success first-hand. Working directly under Chris at Contactually, I had the privilege of spending my time learning from his years of experience growing startups. His management style of “test often, fail quickly” and “ask for forgiveness instead of permission” gave me autonomy and ownership which provided me invaluable experience early on in my career, as well as ownership of meaningful projects. Chris is a phenomenal leader, mentor, and manager— an absolute lynchpin to any organization.

Zachary Schneider

Product Marketing Manager, Contactually

What can I say about Chris that has not been a million times over? Chris was an amazing colleague and has grown to be a great friend. While at Contactually, I relied on Chris to help with some of the more complex ideas in marketing such as creating a referral program, and creating a brand that our customers could get behind. He always helped me and our other teammates with a smile, and still managed to complete (and crush) his own responsibilities. Anyone would be especially lucky to add Chris to their team. They’d not only be adding a veteran marketer who understands the nuances of attracting customers, but someone genuinely cares about his fellow teammate.

Jimmy M. Ricks Jr, MPI

We Know Real Estate Tech Marketing

At iExcel, we bring innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of the Real Estate Tech buyer to the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Marketing Excellence with iExcel

SEO Mastery for Enhanced Visibility

Unlock the power of search engines with our expertise in real estate marketing SEO. We ensure your Real Estate offerings are prominently positioned when potential clients are searching for solutions. From market analysis to targeted keywords, we optimize every aspect to maximize your online visibility.

Efficiency through Marketing Automation

Real Estate Digital Marketing demands consistency, and iExcel streamlines this process through marketing automation. Our tools organize your leads, manage email campaigns, and track audience engagement, ensuring your Real Estate marketing efforts are not only effective but also efficient. Connect with your audience on a personal level through our targeted email marketing. We go beyond generic messages, employing segmentation based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Personalized communication fosters a deeper connection, ensuring your Real Estate Technology updates and offerings resonate with each subscriber.

Prospecting Ads For Expanded Audience Reach

With online advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, iExcel ensures your Real Estate Technology content reaches a larger, more engaged audience. Target specific demographics, locations, and interests with precision.

Ad Retargeting for Lasting Impressions

Stay top-of-mind with potential clients through ad retargeting. In a sector with a longer sales cycle like Real Estate Technology, this strategy is invaluable. iExcel’s ad retargeting ensures that your brand remains visible as potential clients browse the internet, resulting in a remarkable 10x higher click-through rate.

As your Real Estate Technology marketing ally, iExcel is committed to propelling your brand into the digital forefront. Partner with us to redefine your online presence, engage your audience, and elevate your Real Estate Technology offerings to unparalleled success.

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