What We’ve Done

Chris and iExcel have worked with over 30 startups across multiple industries, of all tiers of funding (Seed Round to Series E) and sizes (<10 to 100+). Regardless of industry, iExcel specializes in generating brand awareness, web traffic, signups, downloads, and most importantly customers & revenue.

NFTs and Web3

iExcel has made direct impact on the front lines of the NFT / Web3 industry, working with the technology’s biggest brands and largest events.

B2B SaaS

With a smaller total addressable markets and longer sales cycles, iExcel is laser focused on B2B growth to help SaaS businesses reach major milestones.

Sports Tech

From launching Super Bowl ads to running full-scale campaigns for NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, iExcel is at the center of the sports tech game.


Chris and the iExcel team have extensive experience in the legal technology / electronic discovery industry, from multiple viewpoints – vendor, lawfirm, and now technology.


Chris and the iExcel team have taught and developed classes across some of the most prominent brands in EdTech, and have helped build EdTech startups.


With headquarters in Washington DC, iExcel has directly impacted startups in the political & advocacy tech industries.


Chris and the iExcel team have worked with the technology intersection between parents and their kids, including kids education and kids activities.

Real Estate Tech

iExcel has a unique experience of working with both sides of the Real Estate Tech industry, whether on the Agent side, or the property seller side.

Food and Beverage

iExcel’s experience with the Food & Beverage industry is extensive, whether referring to B2C ecommerce, or B2B Food tech software.


Whether mobile or tablet, iExcel has successful experience driving app installs via paid and organic (through App Store Optimization).

Web Development

As an agency ourselves, iExcel understands what it takes to drive value for agencies, and we use these tactics for our web development clients.

Job Search

With a passion for the job search industry, Chris and the iExcel team have driven value to both job posters and jobseekers.


Based out of our nation’s capital, iExcel is deeply ingrained in the DMVs tech and non profit scene, scaling companies like Canary Capital and Contactually    


Our home away from home, iExcel has deep routes to NYC and Silicon Alley, helping companies like Stash, Tech Stars, and Knewton