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We build and optimize your digital funnels.

CEO & Founder

Chris Rodriguez is a 20-year marketing veteran with a passion for driving growth and tangible results for brands and entrepreneurs. He has worked with over 50 startups across all tiers of funding (Seed to Series E), generating brand awareness, website traffic, signups, downloads, and most importantly customers and revenue.

Consulting + Agency

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Bradley de Wet

Bradley de Wet


Michael Lopez

Michael Lopez

Director of Demand Generation

Brandon Carroll

Brandon Carroll

VP of Client Success

Ben Dickey

Ben Dickey


Trevor Wong

Trevor Wong

Digital Marketing

Brandon Burdette

Brandon Burdette

Analytics & SEO

...and maybe you?

...and maybe you?

Why should you work with iExcel?

Strategy + Creativity + Execution

We Set Our Clients Up For Success, Top To Bottom

  • Assessments & Audits
  • Formal, Strategic Recommendations
  • Building & Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack
  • Managing Channels & Campaigns
Have Digital Marketing Needs?

We Solve Puzzles

We’ve seen every digital marketing problem.

We find your target user with precise audiences, and market to them using both free and paid tactics.

Free: content strategy, social automation

Paid: Social, Search, Display, Video

We determine your most and least valuable audience segments, and market them differently – from tactics to CTAs.

Free: List Segmentation, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

Paid: Social Retargeting, Search (RLSA), Display Retargeting, Video Retargeting

We find ways to improve your current site’s SEO, while providing strategy for future SEO success.

Strategy: Keyword Research, Rankings Audit, Backlinks Audit, Site Health Check

Tactics: On-Page Keyword Optimizations, On-Page Internal Links, Manual Link Building, Link Building Outreach, Technical SEO Upkeep

We find the inefficiencies in your funnel experience, and improve them with a combination of: A/B Testing, Simplified User Experience, and proper funnel management

Free: Conversion Analysis, A/B Testing Strategy & Management, On-Site Form Optimizations

Paid: In-Platform Lead Gen Forms


We set you on an accurate, data-driven path with reporting infrastructure and improved attribution accuracy. Most importantly, we provide tangible insights and recommendations.

Channels: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Native Platforms

Tactics: Executive Dashboards, Custom Reporting, Custom Attribution Models

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