iExcel is redefining the growth and marketing game for the world’s biggest brands in NFTs and Web3.

Trusted by leading NFT and Web3 brands

iExcel is redefining the growth and marketing game for the world’s biggest brands in Web3.

Trusted by leading NFT and Web3 brands

NFT & Web3 Case Studies

 NBA Top Shot (Dapper Labs)

iExcel played an integral part in the success of the NBA’s official NFT product, from Email Marketing to Advertising to Analytics to Digital Strategy. Results include:

  • Email Marketing: Drove 2.7M transactions and $75.6M in revenue
  • Advertising: Directly built, launched and managed $1.52M in ad budget, including the entire Kevin Durant campaign
    • Directly sourced 175K transactions, resulting in $4.7M in revenue

 NFL ALL DAY (Dapper Labs)

iExcel was directly involved in the launch and management of the NFL’s official NFT product, from Email Marketing to Advertising to Analytics to Digital Strategy. Results include:

  • Email Marketing: Responsible for 142 emails to 2.9M total recipients.
    • Avg. Email Performance: 29.3% open rate / 6.8% CTR / 23.3% Click-To-Open Rate
  • Google Search Ads: Managed during Q1 2020. Highlights include:
    • Per $1 spent, generated 7.4 direct purchases & 11.3 lifetime purchases.
    • Generated 12.1% CTR
  • Facebook Ads: Managed during Q1 2020. Highlights include:
    • Generated $30 cost per user.
    • Generated 8% CTR

NFT & Web3 Testimonials

SVP, Marketing + GM - Dapper Labs

“Chris and his team are top notch. They work extraordinarily hard, around the clock if need be, do high level, high quality work and are top notch people to boot. Highly recommend working with this crew.”

David Feldman

Chief of Staff - NBA Top Shot/Dapper Labs

“Chris and the iExcel team are consummate professionals and incredible collaborators. Data driven, available at odd hours, inquisitive thinkers. They drove me to be better at my job, and supported me endlessly.

I couldn’t endorse Chris enough. He’s fantastic and his team are all fantastic.”

Jacob Eisenberg

Head of Content Marketing - NBA Top Shot/Dapper Labs

In Chris, you plainly get more than you bargain for.

In the best possible way.

iExcel brings you some of the most transformational, actionable, out-of-the-box insights I’ve ever seen. (Or honestly could ever imagine) from a marketing agency.

And that’s just the start.

When you work with Chris and his team, you get all that. But you also get an ally. A friend. Somebody willing to — as a mentor once put it, about hockey — ‘dig in the corners’ with you.

Even though he was technically a 3rd party, Chris and his team felt like part of our core team from the beginning. Building from the ground up. Leaning on each other. Celebrating W’s, learning from L’s.

I’m a better marketer for Chris’ mentorship. I’m a better person for his friendship.

Kevin Scheitrum

Digital Marketer - NBA Top Shot/Dapper Labs

“Chris is easily one of the most driven individuals I have worked alongside. Combine that drive with the wealth of knowledge and experience he possesses, and that’s a recipe for success. From driving paid media efforts to spearheading email marketing to developing growth strategy, Chris has been a huge asset working across all Dapper Labs products. I would have zero hesitation to work with Chris if future opportunities arise and he has my highest regard both professionally and personally.”

Trevor Wong

Product Marketing Lead - Magic Eden

“Amazing to work with, an ingrained portion of our day to day business he’s truly one of the partners that understands the idea of sharing in the success. Extremely knowledgable, an expert in his field, can’t recommend Chris and his team more.”

Nick Lagusis

Senior Campaign Producer - Dapper Labs

“Chris’ dedication and attention to detail is unmatched. Working closely with him for many months I found Chris to be very solution oriented and a top-tier problem solver. Would highly recommend Chris for any all email related projects and campaigns.”

Matthew Schorr

GM - UFC Strike, Commercial Lead - La Liga Golazos

“Chris is a pros, pro. He is even-keeled and has been an immense value add to Dapper Labs from day 1 of working with him. Chris was tasked with taking on a lot of our CRM and paid efforts for the NBA Top Shot business and has been invaluable to up-leveling our skill set and capacity to bring new users into the business. Could not recommend Chris any higher. As a bonus, he is also just a fun / positive person to be around.”

Malik Jiffry

Director of Marketing -

Chris is the definition of hustle, and I was fortunate enough to experience his hunger for success first-hand. Working directly under Chris at Contactually, I had the privilege of spending my time learning from his years of experience growing startups.

His management style of “test often, fail quickly” and “ask for forgiveness instead of permission” gave me autonomy and ownership which provided me invaluable experience early on in my career, as well as ownership of meaningful projects. Chris is a phenomenal leader, mentor, and manager— an absolute lynchpin to any organization.”

Zachary Schneider

We Know NFT & Web3 Marketing

Enter the decentralized era with iExcel, your premier NFT and Web3 consultancy partner. With our industry-leading expertise, we’ll catapult your brand to unprecedented heights in the dynamic world of digital assets.

Expertise in NFT Marketing

At iExcel, we’re not just another marketing agency – we’re your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of NFTs and Web3. Our seasoned professionals possess an in-depth understanding of the evolving NFT landscape, ensuring your digital assets receive the spotlight they deserve. Whether you’re an artist, creator, or brand venturing into the NFT market, we offer tailored strategies to amplify your presence and drive engagement.

Our Comprehensive NFT Marketing Strategies

Community Building for NFT Enthusiasts

We recognize the significance of fostering vibrant communities in the NFT space. Our strategic approach revolves around creating and nurturing communities across social media platforms and forums frequented by NFT enthusiasts. By curating engaging content and fostering meaningful interactions, we ensure your brand remains at the forefront of discussions and garners unwavering support from the community.

SEO Optimization for NFT and Web3

Elevate your digital visibility with iExcel’s cutting-edge SEO solutions tailored specifically for NFT marketing and Web3. Our expert team implements targeted SEO strategies infused with relevant keywords such as ‘nft’ and ‘web3’, propelling your brand to the top of search engine rankings and capturing the attention of your target audience.

Social Media Marketing with a Web3 Twist

Harness the power of social media to forge connections within the NFT and Web3 community. iExcel crafts innovative social media marketing and advertising campaigns that transcend conventional approaches. By collaborating with influencers, disseminating educational content, and fostering meaningful conversations, we resonate with the decentralized ethos and establish your brand as a trailblazer in the digital realm.

Ready to dominate Web3 with our unparalleled NFT strategies? Contact iExcel today and embark on a transformative journey towards digital success.

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