Leveraging deep domain expertise in EdTech , we craft educational materials ... and educator campaigns.

Trusted by leading EdTech brands

Leveraging deep domain expertise in EdTech , we craft educational materials ... and educator campaigns.

Trusted by leading EdTech brands

EdTech Case Studies

iExcel helped build Knewton’s initial launch strategy for the “KnerdX” program (now called Knewton Alta) in 2014-2015, helping generate:

  • 39.4k organic search visits in June 2015, including top keyword rankings for:
    • “Classroom”: #2
    • “Flipped Classroom”: #3
    • “Gamification”: #5
    • “Flipped”: #7
    • “How To Study for the SAT”: #1
    • “Gamification in Education”: #1
    • “Class Room”: #3
    • “Blended Learning”: #7
    • “SAT Tips”: #11

iExcel built Brainscape’s initial Search Engine Optimization strategy for technical SEO, including updating the sitemap and robots.txt, as well as these on-page elements:

  1. URL
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Headline 1 (H1)

As a result, this structure has helped generate:

  • 53x organic traffic increase over a 6-year period

EdTech Testimonials

Founder & CEO - Brainscape

Chris is an SEO and web analytics savant. I’ve seen him work magic at tons of companies, and I consult him for every SEO question I have. Hire this guy.

Andrew Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer - NovoEd

Chris is one of the best marketers I have ever worked with. Chris truly loves digital marketing (he lives and breathes it) and builds on his knowledge every day. I’d be hard pressed to find someone else who cares as much about staying up-to-date with industry developments and trying out new tools and software. At Knewton, he laid out a robust acquisitions strategy, and dramatically improved our growth on a number of levels, bringing a metrics-driven discipline to our team efforts. On the interpersonal side, Chris excels at both supporting teammates and leading his own initiatives. He has a natural ability to teach others and transfer his skills and knowledge. A true delight to work with! Someone you want on your team.

Christina Yu-Eisenberg

Director of Digital Development - McGraw-Hill Education​

Chris brings a phenomenal combination of extensive knowledge and a determined pursuit of deeper understanding. He possesses an arsenal of tools that attract users to a pre-launch product. And he quickly immerses himself in becoming an expert in a product’s particular sector, exponentially increasing his impact. Without any concrete product or benefit to point to, he was able to attract thousands of genuinely interested and qualified candidates to Knewton’s demanding Beta program. As an educator, I was impressed with his ability to teach himself a new ‘language’ and continually adjust approaches in light of new data, and as a colleague, I appreciated how earnestly and effectively he collaborated with the multiple perspectives of the cross-functional team members. It was a real pleasure to work with him!

Dvora Inwood

Senior Online Content Producer - General Assembly

It’s rare that you come across such a reliable expert like Chris. I had the pleasure of working with Chris for three months years at General Assembly, collaborating on a digital marketing curriculum as part of a partnership with Twitter Small Business. Chris’s ability to dissect complex marketing concepts and respond to feedback under incredibly tight deadlines made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. Chris would be an asset to any company seeking a data-driven digital marketing expert.

Dana Reilly

Product Manager - General Assembly

“Chris is a triple threat – he has a high commitment to quality, he genuinely cares about the needs of others, and his subject matter expertise is unparalleled. I hired and worked with Chris to create high-quality online digital marketing classes and hope to work with him again soon!”

Candace Williams

Full Stack Developer - Knewton

Chris has a great energy for marketing. He’s a great guy and a great teammate. He definitely cares about his coworkers and shows initiative. He’s hardworking and compassionate. I would recommend him for any job or any kind of work.

David Groff

Software Engineer - Knewton

I worked as an engineer at Knewton while Chris was our growth marketer. He was hired to market our product, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get the product into a marketable state before he left. I know he had a large number of twitter followers as well as an initial beta userbase of teachers interested in ed-tech ready to go whenever we were prepared for it, which at the time I left we still weren’t. However, we still spent a lot of time together and I know Chris takes a strong interest in technology and how businesses can be built on top of it. He lives and breathes startups and entrepreneurship and is someone I consider a valuable mentor and ally to have in the space.

Bill Prin

Senior Communications & PR Manager - Knewton

Chris is a results-oriented marketing machine. He set ambitious goals and would hustle to meet or exceed them. He successfully designed a marketing campaign that drew customers to line up in anticipation before a product launch, engaged with customers often, and made customers feel like their opinion mattered.

Molly Gerth

Founder - Story2

Chris worked as a consultant to Story2 during TechStars and immediately after. He’s a social media marketing polymath, who taught us how to organize and measure our online marketing. Our early growth in online users and customers was a direct result of his strategic advice.

Carol Barash, PhD

We Know EdTech Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology, having a strategic digital marketing ally is essential for success. iExcel brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront, tailored to elevate your EdTech brand and drive meaningful engagement in the rapidly expanding market.

Why Choose iExcel for EdTech Marketing?

Specialized EdTech Knowledge

At iExcel, we understand the intricacies of the EdTech sector. Our team comprises experts well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry. From learning management systems to innovative educational apps, we specialize in crafting marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience, addressing the growing demand for digital education solutions.

Strategic SEO for EdTech Visibility

Our commitment to your success begins with a strong foundation – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Leveraging targeted keywords and understanding the search behaviors of decision-makers, we ensure that your EdTech solutions are prominently positioned in search results. iExcel’s SEO strategies are meticulously crafted to enhance your online visibility, driving organic traffic to your platform.

Paid Social Advertising Expertise

In a diverse EdTech landscape, reaching your specific audience is paramount. iExcel’s proficiency in paid social advertising ensures that your tailored messages resonate with educators, students, and decision-makers across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Through micro-targeting and impactful visual storytelling, our strategies maximize your brand’s reach and engagement.

Strategic SEM Campaigns

iExcel’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are precision tools designed for swift impact. By deciphering the search behaviors of parents, teachers, and stakeholders, our SEM campaigns, strategically managed on platforms like Google Ads, ensure your EdTech offerings are in the spotlight, capturing the attention of key decision-makers actively seeking digital education solutions.

LinkedIn: B2B Networking for EdTech Success

In the B2B realm of EdTech, LinkedIn is a game-changer. iExcel leverages the professional landscape of LinkedIn for laser-focused B2B marketing. Through targeted advertising and outreach using LinkedIn InMail, we position your brand as an industry leader, establishing invaluable connections with decision-makers and influencers in the education sector.

Data-Driven Adaptability

iExcel’s approach to EdTech marketing is dynamic and data-driven. We believe in adapting strategies based on real-time performance indicators, leveraging insights from the rapidly evolving EdTech market. From adjusting keywords and ad copy to optimizing budget allocation, our commitment is to keep your marketing efforts finely tuned for sustained growth and market relevance.

Whether you’re launching a groundbreaking educational app or revolutionizing online learning experiences, choose iExcel as your EdTech marketing partner. We don’t just understand EdTech; we thrive in it, driving innovation and growth in the digital education space.

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