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Whether mobile or tablet, iExcel has successful experience driving app installs via paid and organic (through App Store Optimization).

Mobile Apps
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There are inherent differences between marketing an app, versus marketing an online website. From the marketing platform (app stores) to the tactics, the differences require awareness and expertise on mobile marketing.

Chris and iExcel have driven significant ROI for several mobile app startups, and that experience is invaluable for understanding best practices.



“It was a pleasure working with Chris while he was Head of Marketing at Switch, as he was extremely knowledgeable in many areas related to marketing and sales. … Chris kept us on task with the projects that were most valuable to us, which were essentially the reasons why we joined the company in the first place.”

Tepe Nyada


“Chris was essentially my digital marketing coach while at Switch and he truly made my time as an intern worthwhile. I was extremely impressed with the abundance of marketing knowledge Chris exemplified, and how he was able to communicate new complex concepts in a very simple manner. What I enjoyed most was Chris’s ability to keep our department organized and flowing, which in turn created a team-like atmosphere that you naturally wanted to be a part of.”

Alex Lloyd

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