Chris and the iExcel team have taught and developed classes across some of the most prominent brands in EdTech, and have helped build EdTech startups.

What We Do

From establishing marketing infrastructure and growth programs at Knewton to creating marketing courses on growth using multi-channel campaigns, iExcel is well-versed in customer acquisition, customer development, and marketing experiments for rapidly growing EdTech companies. 

From email sequences to ads, iExcel Teaching and mentoring startup founders at companies like Techstars, General Assembly, Springboard, and Platzi, iExcel truly understands the ins and outs of EdTech marketing.


Mastering both paid acquisition and organic methods to generate traffic, iExcel has a track record of creating and executing successful marketing campaigns that drive ROI.


Mentoring startups for the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator at Techstars, iExcel provides guidance, marketing frameworks, and growth tactics for leading EdTech companies.


Ingrained in the EdTech community, Chris teaches marketing courses on EdTech platforms like Springboard and Platzi to help startups drive business growth and revenue.



“Chris is an SEO and web analytics savant. I’ve seen him work magic at tons of companies, and I consult him for every SEO question I have. Hire this guy.”

Andrew Cohen
Founder & CEO


Chris is one of the best marketers I have ever worked with. Chris truly loves digital marketing (he lives and breathes it) and builds on his knowledge every day. I’d be hard pressed to find someone else who cares as much about staying up-to-date with industry developments and trying out new tools and software. At Knewton, he laid out a robust acquisitions strategy, and dramatically improved our growth on a number of levels, bringing a metrics-driven discipline to our team efforts. On the interpersonal side, Chris excels at both supporting teammates and leading his own initiatives. He has a natural ability to teach others and transfer his skills and knowledge. A true delight to work with! Someone you want on your team.

Christina Yu-Eisenberg
Chief Marketing Officer


Chris and Story2 (@TechStars) worked closely to create a marketing strategy to acquire users/customers.

He is extremely knowledgeable and helped us to create an actionable approach to find the right marketing channel and to convert the users.

Chris is full of energy and very easy to talk to, wish we got to spend more time with him

Moshiur Tarafdar

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