Chris and the iExcel team have worked with the technology intersection between parents and their kids, including kids education and kids activities.


What We Do

There are unique nuances to marketing to families and children, including protection and privacy concerns.

As an experienced FamTech marketer, Chris and iExcel have driven real ROI and value for apps that require both a parent and child co-experience.

“Chris joined Tykoon during a very hectic period and hit the ground running. He was very proactive in coming up with solutions and explored every potential venue for promoting the product. If you are looking to promote a product or a service, Chris is your guy!”


Lead Experience Designer

“Chris likes to get things done. He will work tirelessly to deliver everything he takes on. In the startup world, that passion is exactly what drives growth — both from a product and cultural perspective. That very energy pushes those around him to excel.”



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