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  • Jeb Ory

    Jeb Ory

    Cofounder & CEO at Phone2Action – We’re Hiring!

    October 7, 2019, Jeb managed Chris directly

    Chris delivers results. He’s an accomplished digital marketer and an asset to any scaling B2B SaaS business. He helped Phone2Action grow measurably during his tenure as our head of marketing. He’s driven, results-oriented, and committed.
  • Johnny Reading

    Johnny Reading

    Head of Engineering – Project Greenfield – We’re hiring!

    July 11, 2019, Johnny worked with Chris in different groups

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris and have seen first hand the rigor and expertise he brings to Digital Marketing. Chris is extremely thorough with collecting, analyzing and interpreting actions from users, prospects and customers to craft genuinely thoughtful data-driven insights. He has a gift for presenti 
  • David Fitzpatrick

    David Fitzpatrick

    Marketing Director at Modus Create

    May 14, 2019, David was a client of Chris’

    Chris has near-unparalleled hustle and knowledge of digital marketing strategies and tactics. His consultation, which was focused on revenue growth, planning, and executing how to get there, have been incredibly valuable as I’ve ramped up our marketing machine. Even just a quarter into our relationship, his lea 
  • Maryo Bruno

    Maryo Bruno

    Manager, Lead Development | Advocating for Purpose-Driven Brands – We’re hiring!

    May 8, 2019, Maryo worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris is by far the best Digital Marketer I know in the DC Metro area! He has an actionable understanding of Account Based Marketing and leverages social media in very innovative ways. To remain relevant in the market, Chris will never be too proud to test new ad copies, email subject lines, signup forms, templates and merge fields,  
  • Justine Rabideau

    Justine Rabideau

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    May 8, 2019, Justine worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris is a pleasure to work with and has a wide breadth of knowledge in the digital marketing space. I’ve worked with him directly over the past year on pay-per-click campaigns and remarketing efforts. He’s always open to testing new ideas and initiatives, but also takes the time to analyze the data to ensure these efforts pay off i 
  • Tony Cappaert

    Tony Cappaert

    Strategic Growth at Compass. Previously Co-Founder/COO at Contactually, PM at Microsoft. MIT alum.

    June 28, 2018, Tony managed Chris directly

    Chris is a force of nature. In his time at Contactually, he transformed our marketing efforts — and build a highly-performant acquisition machine. He constantly was testing and iterating on campaigns to drive more leads in a cost-effective manner. Much of growth in the past few years was due to the strategic and tactics he lai 
  • Angelika Lipkin

    Angelika Lipkin

    Senior Director, Customer Success at Fonteva

    June 9, 2018, Angelika worked with Chris in different groups

    I was so impressed with Chris’ unprecedented work ethic and the transparency and realness that he brought to the table as a marketing leader. Whether it’s preparing a top-notch deck for a Board or leadership meeting sharing metrics, to educating all of our staff on the state of marketing, Chris puts in 110% to ach 
  • Zachary Schneider

    Zachary Schneider

    Product Marketing at Botify

    October 18, 2017, Zachary reported directly to Chris

    Chris is the definition of hustle, and I was fortunate enough to experience his hunger for success first-hand. Working directly under Chris at Contactually, I had the privilege of spending my time learning from his years of experience growing startups. His management style of “test often, fail quickly” and “ask for forgiveness i 
  • Jimmy M. Ricks Jr, MPI

    Jimmy M. Ricks Jr, MPI

    Product Manager, Conversational AI Products at Capital One

    July 25, 2017, Chris was senior to Jimmy M. but didn’t manage directly

    What can I say about Chris that has not been a million times over? Chris was an amazing colleague and has grown to be a great friend. While at Contactually, I relied on Chris to help with some of the more complex ideas in marketing such as creating a referral program, and creating a brand that our customers could get behind. H 
  • Carol Barash, PhD

    Carol Barash, PhD

    Author, CEO, change-maker unlocking the science of storytelling to expand human capacity and business growth

    September 7, 2016, Carol was a client of Chris’

    Chris worked as a consultant to Story2 during TechStars and immediately after. He’s a social media marketing polymath, who taught us how to organize and measure our online marketing. Our early growth in online users and customers was a direct result of his strategic advice.
  • Josh Harris

    Josh Harris

    Agency Niche Selection ► Agency Marketing Training ► Lead Generation ► Agency Sales Training ► White-Label Campaigns

    July 1, 2016, Chris was a client of Josh’s

    Chris is a rare individual in the SaaS field who combines the in-depth knowledge of PPC marketing with flawless execution skills. Working with Chris was extremely enjoyable and productive. We were able to take advanced PPC strategies and implement high performing campaigns in tandem with our experience. Chris was ve 
  • Arjun Srivastava

    Arjun Srivastava

    Founder & Head Developer at Biscuit & Chai, LLC

    January 10, 2016, Chris was senior to Arjun but didn’t manage directly

    Working with Chris has been a pleasure. His great attitude towards his work and the professionalism he always showed was infectious, and made those around him want to do their best as well. It’s hard not to notice the amount of effort he put into marketing,. Knowing we had someone like that on our team who was willing to give th 
  • Gissela Van

    Gissela Van

    Campaign Manager at Constellation Agency

    January 3, 2016, Chris was senior to Gissela but didn’t manage directly

    Working with Chris is a fantastic experience. He takes his role as mentor very seriously always ready with a helping hand. Chris was always willing to take the time to explain how and why everything works. He is a wonderful fountain of knowledge in digital marketing and always so ready to impart his wisdom.
  • Davis Harper

    Davis Harper

    Writer at Freelance

    December 30, 2015, Chris worked with Davis in the same group

    When I think infectious energy, I think of Chris. Whether he was creating spreadsheets so fast my head would spin or breaking down complicated marketing semantics into language that even the average idiot (me) could understand, he always held himself with great discipline, commitment and intensity. Quite simply, 
  • Mona Zhang

    Mona Zhang

    CEO & Founder of Bra Theory

    December 30, 2015, Mona worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris is always professional and on target. It was a pleasure to see how he systematically approached and achieved marketing goals, all while remaining flexible with respect to technical feasibility. Highly recommend for all marketing needs.
  • Tepe Nyada

    Tepe Nyada


    December 29, 2015, Tepe reported directly to Chris

    It was a pleasure working with Chris while he was Head of Marketing at Switch, as he was extremely knowledgeable in many areas related to marketing and sales. He was also highly passionate about his work, exemplifying this by having “an around the clock attitude” towards maximizing on marketing directives and explorin 
  • Alex Lloyd

    Alex Lloyd

    Division Senior Associate at CBRE

    December 28, 2015, Chris worked with Alex in the same group

    Chris was essentially my digital marketing coach while at Switch and he truly made my time as an intern worthwhile. I was extremely impressed with the abundance of marketing knowledge Chris exemplified, and how he was able to communicate new complex concepts in a very simple manner. What I enjoyed most  
  • Mike Firer

    Mike Firer

    Happily employed as a Software Engineer at Donut

    December 28, 2015, Mike worked with Chris in different groups

    Always professional, committed, and hard-working, Chris was a great pleasure to work with. He can balance responsibilities like a pro, working on many projects at once while mentoring others and teaching himself SQL. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Chris again.
  • Alex P. Vidor

    Alex P. Vidor

    Director Of Business Development at Payzer

    June 17, 2015, Alex P. worked with Chris but at different companies

    My first impression of Chris was that he truly cared about the success of our business even before understanding it – to me, this is a very important and rare quality to see. The second observation was that he has the skills, knowledge and experience to immediately align with our company goals/strategy and begin providing hu 
  • David Groff

    David Groff

    Software Developer

    April 21, 2015, David worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris has a great energy for marketing. He’s a great guy and a great teammate. He definitely cares about his coworkers and shows initiative. He’s hardworking and compassionate. I would recommend him for any job or any kind of work.
  • Dale Sperling

    Dale Sperling

    Marketing at STASH

    April 16, 2015, Dale worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris is a wealth of knowledge and has an excellent methodology and discipline for customer development and acquisition. Chris is on top of industry technology and trends and can deliver on tight budgets.
  • Jamie Rosenberg

    Jamie Rosenberg

    Founder & CEO at ClassWallet

    April 10, 2015, Jamie worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris is a rock star digital marketing strategist. He helped our company from virginal territory to pro status. I would recommend Chris without hesitation. Not to mention he’s a great guy!
  • Andrew Cohen

    Andrew Cohen

    Founder & CEO of Brainscape

    April 9, 2015, Chris worked with Andrew in the same group

    Chris is an SEO and web analytics savant. I’ve seen him work magic at tons of companies, and I consult him for every SEO question I have. Hire this guy.
  • James Cowan

    James Cowan

    Director of School Sales at (School & Agency platform)

    April 9, 2015, James worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris was the one guy that I got the most out of while at Techstars. His experience and knowledge of how to target your market, find marketing channels, and how to get the best conversions out of those channels helped us a lot when we were starting. His lessons, tips and encouragement really paid off. I wish I could hav 
  • Ruben Porras-Sanchez

    Ruben Porras-Sanchez

    Agent at The Harry Walker Agency

    April 9, 2015, Ruben worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris Rodriguez is exceptional at what he does. Within the Techstars community–a community of some of the brightest and smartest entrepreneurial teams–Chris stands out. Every week of the program you could hear a founder or CEO say, “we have to get Chris in here” or “let’s ask Chris.” He’s mythical and clear; informative a 
  • Moshiur Russ Tarafdar

    Moshiur Russ Tarafdar

    Chief Technology Officer at Noodle Partners

    April 8, 2015, Moshiur Russ worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris and Story2 (@TechStars) worked closely to create a marketing strategy to acquire users/customers. He is extremely knowledgeable and helped us to create an actionable approach to find the right marketing channel and to convert the users. Chris is full of energy and very easy to talk to, wish we got to spend more time with him.
  • Thorunn Jonsdottir

    Thorunn Jonsdottir

    Founder & Fixer at Poppins & Partners

    April 7, 2015, Thorunn worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris was very encouraging as a mentor and showed genuine interest in what I was working on. I knew he was on my team and that he wanted to see me succeed. If I hadn’t managed to finish my tasks from one week to the next I sometimes felt like I was going to class without having finished my homework. Only this was mu 
  • Lindsay Tabas

    Lindsay Tabas

    Lady Engineer®: Sell the right product before building the wrong one. Product-Market Fit Expert, Consultant, Speaker

    April 6, 2015, Chris worked with Lindsay in the same group

    Chris’s marketing genius has a halo effect on everything I do as a user experience designer, and with my own clients. The value I received (and you will too) from just being in his orbit while we both coached the Techstars EdTech cohort has had a huge impact on my own ventures. I can only imagine the astronomical value  
  • Michael Karavolos

    Michael Karavolos

    Lead Generation & Growth Marketing

    April 6, 2015, Michael worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris was an invaluable resource during our time at TechStars. A true growth hacker who knows all the cutting edge tools and how to use them for real results. I would jump at the chance to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone trying to grow their business.
  • Joseph Schneier

    Joseph Schneier

    CEO |Healthcare Entrepreneur | Techstars | TEDMed | StartupHealth | Mentor Cornell, NYU, Wharton, Columbia

    April 6, 2015, Joseph was a client of Chris’

    Chris really helped to accelerate our process and to help us to understand the value of metrics. I highly recommend him to any company that wants to see their company grow!
  • Adam Kaplan

    Adam Kaplan

    VP at FanDuel Group

    April 1, 2015, Chris worked with Adam in the same group

    Chris is one of the most passionate marketers I’ve ever met. His insights come from tremendously valuable experience, and his Brooklyn roots. Chris’s deep understanding of everything from SEO/SEM, Email and Social Media Marketing to Conversion Optimization and Project Management make him the tot 
  • Sam Hauss

    Sam Hauss

    Projections Analyst at FanDuel

    March 29, 2015, Chris was senior to Sam but didn’t manage directly

    I worked with Chris at numberFire where he was our Chief Marketing Officer. He is an extremely dedicated, hard-working, brilliant marketer with a great passion for what he does. He brings a combination of expert level marketing knowledge and relentless work ethic that would be invaluable to any organization. Chris was an ab 
  • Bill Prin

    Bill Prin

    Senior Software Engineer at Bastille

    January 8, 2015, Bill worked with Chris in different groups

    I worked as an engineer at Knewton while Chris was our growth marketer. He was hired to market our product, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get the product into a marketable state before he left. I know he had a large number of twitter followers as well as an initial beta userbase of teachers interested in ed-tech ready to 
  • Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant

    Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

    December 7, 2014, Michael reported directly to Chris

    I worked with Chris at Techstars where he was a marketing and customer development mentor for the 12 companies going through the program. The knowledge and mentorship Chris brought resulted in major pivots and improved customer traction for multiple companies. Chris always offered his advice and expertis 
  • Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    Senior Test Engineer at Mobomo

    September 29, 2014, Chris worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris was a pleasure to work with and has a deep understanding of marketing, SEO, among many other things. He is an incredibly driven and talented individual and will bring that enthusiasm to any organization he is working with.
  • Christina Yu

    Christina Yu

    Vice President, Marketing | VR & Simulation Expert | Category Creation & Rapid Growth

    September 15, 2014, Chris worked with Christina in the same group

    Chris is one of the best marketers I have ever worked with. Chris truly loves digital marketing (he lives and breathes it) and builds on his knowledge every day. I’d be hard pressed to find someone else who cares as much about staying up-to-date with industry developments and trying out new tools and software. At Knewton, he la 
  • Dvora Inwood

    Dvora Inwood

    Vice President Marketing at Arena

    September 11, 2014, Dvora worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris brings a phenomenal combination of extensive knowledge and a determined pursuit of deeper understanding. He possesses an arsenal of tools that attract users to a pre-launch product. And he quickly immerses himself in becoming an expert in a product’s particular sector, exponentially increasing his impact. Wi 
  • Rachael Ann Siciliano

    Rachael Ann Siciliano

    User Experience Designer at NIC Inc.

    September 10, 2014, Rachael Ann worked with Chris in different groups

    Eager to work, brimming with ideas, and insatiably busy, Chris relentlessly converts contacts into customers. Chris was instrumental in helping our company find and foster a rich pool of engaged beta users. Though focused on quantitative data, Chris quickly understood the value of qualitative insights, and  
  • Candace Williams

    Educator. Poet. Technologist.

    September 5, 2014, Candace managed Chris directly

    Chris is a triple threat – he has a high commitment to quality, he genuinely cares about the needs of others, and his subject matter expertise is unparalleled. I hired and worked with Chris to create high-quality online digital marketing classes and hope to work with him again soon!


  • Dana Reilly

    Dana Reilly

    MFA in Film Production Candidate at The University of Texas at Austin

    September 2, 2014, Dana was a client of Chris’

    It’s rare that you come across such a reliable expert like Chris. I had the pleasure of working with Chris for three months years at General Assembly, collaborating on a digital marketing curriculum as part of a partnership with Twitter Small Business. Chris’s ability to dissect complex marketing concepts and respond to feedback u 
  • Grace Ng

    Grace Ng

    Entrepreneur | Neuro-Artist | Investor

    August 28, 2014, Grace was senior to Chris but didn’t manage directly

    Chris is very driven and hard-working. While at LSM, he organized our Washington DC workshops with great success. He’s passionate about lean startup and marketing, which is a great combination. I’m happy to recommend his work.
  • Max Alexander

    Max Alexander

    Head of Growth and Development at Citadel

    August 27, 2014, Max was a client of Chris’

    Chris worked with us on a series of video guides that walked users through the ins and outs of making Twitter work for their small business. Chris was reliable and delivered high quality content, contributing to a successful project!
  • Molly Gerth

    Molly Gerth

    Public Relations Consultant and Screenwriter

    August 21, 2014, Chris worked with Molly in the same group

    Chris is a results-oriented marketing machine. He set ambitious goals and would hustle to meet or exceed them. He successfully designed a marketing campaign that drew customers to line up in anticipation before a product launch, engaged with customers often, and made customers feel like their opinion mattered.
  • Virginia Ross

    Virginia Ross

    Senior Product Manager at Amazon

    August 21, 2014, Virginia worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris’ energy, passion, and enthusiasm is contagious. He brought it every day at our time together at Speek. I can safely say he is a more than adept marketer and incredibly knowledgeable about his field, but also strives to learn more about it every day. It was a pleasure working with Chris Rodriguez.
  • Jan Walter

    Jan Walter

    Senior Cloud Architect at Ellucian

    August 18, 2014, Jan worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris had a massive impact on getting customers, and working them through the A-B testing funnels to help us tune our conversion rates. I was impressed with Chris’ resourcefulness and depth of understanding every time we interacted – when was the last time you heard a techie say that about a marketing guy?
  • Alexander Bentsen

    Alexander Bentsen

    User Experience Lead (freelance) at PwC

    August 9, 2013, Chris worked with Alexander in the same group

    Chris joined Tykoon during a very hectic period and hit the ground running. He was very proactive in coming up with solutions and explored every potential venue for promoting the product. If you are looking to promote a product or a service, Chris is your guy!
  • Katheryn Pilkerton

    Katheryn Pilkerton

    Product Marketing

    July 19, 2013, Katheryn worked with Chris in different groups

    Chris is dedicated marketer with exceptional drive and experience. He always gives 110% and will dive into the weeds of project if that’s what is required. Chris is extremely self-motivated and a tireless team player. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and learning from him.
  • Rebecca Healy

    Rebecca Healy

    Founder at Bonny | uncomplicated, safe products for the details of your daily life

    July 14, 2013, Rebecca managed Chris directly

    Chris is a passionate idea man who can quickly identify the needs and tests necessary to build and iterate a great business. He generated many successful experiments during our work together at Speek. He is a kind and generous soul, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
  • Chris Heydt

    Chris Heydt

    Software Engineer at Justworks

    July 12, 2013, Chris worked with Chris in different groups

    I don’t know what is more impressive about Chris: his ferocious energy and work ethic, or his detailed technical knowledge of analytics and growth hacking. Call it a tie, but the combination makes him a phenomenal asset at a startup and an inspiration to work with. Every decision that Chris makes is based on a solid anal 
  • Ryan Provost

    Ryan Provost

    Associate Partner & Technical Director at IBM

    July 12, 2013, Ryan was senior to Chris but didn’t manage directly

    Chris likes to get things done. He will work tirelessly to deliver everything he takes on. In the startup world, that passion is exactly what drives growth — both from a product and cultural perspective. That very energy pushes those around him to excel. I had the pleasure of working with Chris for nearly a year and I wo 
  • Mark Bruinooge

    Mark Bruinooge

    Chief Investment Officer

    July 11, 2013, Mark managed Chris directly

    Chris is a high energy and focused marketing professional. His knowledge and skill set are valuable in an early stage start-up where resources and time are at a premium. He has a firm grasp of the tools and technology required to drive productive acquisition strategies and campaigns. He also maintains the right m 
  • Teague Hopkins

    Teague Hopkins

    Group Product Manager & Product College Founding Faculty at Capital One

    July 23, 2012, Chris worked with Teague in the same group

    Chris is inquisitive, dedicated and scrappy. He always manages to find a way to make things happen, despite tight time and budget constraints, and it is clearly evident that he cares deeply about supporting his team and making sure that everyone has a great experience.
  • Matthew Nolan

    Matthew Nolan

    CEO & Founder at Menlo One

    January 27, 2012, Matthew managed Chris directly

    Chris Rodriguez is an invaluable member of the Speek team. He is essentially an online digital marketing guru. He lead all marketing initiatives including our social media strategy, crafting press releases, managing relations with early adopters, writing web copy to improve SEO, and doing a lot of networking at industry events. H 
  • Carla Hinton

    Carla Hinton

    Project Manager, EDiscovery Management Services at Davis Polk & Wardwell

    December 1, 2011, Carla managed Chris directly

    Chris was an immediate asset to our Group at Davis Polk. His intellect, motivation, dedication and talent — a huge value added during his tenure here. Chris is a true go-getter, and a person who is willing and able to process ideas outside of the box. He has all of the knowledge and skills needed to be a success wherever he goes!
  • M. A. James, JD

    M. A. James, JD

    Legal Recruiting at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

    November 29, 2011, M. A. was senior to Chris but didn’t manage directly

    I have known Chris since he first came to Davis Polk as a Litigation Technical Analyst. Chris’ intellect and motivation made him an asset to the litigation department. He is dedicated, ambitious and a complex thinker. His outside-of-the-box thinking is one of his greatest assets and lends itself to his amazing creativity. 
  • Martin Berrios

    Martin Berrios

    Award Winning Marketing Strategist | Experiential, Sponsorship’s, Media Planning, Brand Management & Product Launches

    August 20, 2010, Martin worked with Chris but at different companies

    I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Chris for about three years. Since that time Chris has continued to impress me with his great work ethic and execution. He is very well connected within the entertainment field and holds great working relationships with very influential individuals. I look forward to see him develop a 
  • Gilat Weiman

    Gilat Weiman

    Operations Coordinator at IRIE Music

    August 19, 2010, Gilat was a client of Chris’

    Chris Rodriguez is at the top of the online marketing game. Any time I need to publicize one of my clients I call on Chris as I know I will be getting the best service, a professional campaign, and above all – great results. When I hire him I know my clients will get maximum results and high visibility among a wide and diverse cons 
  • Matt Diamond

    Matt Diamond

    President at Diamond Media 360, Inc.

    March 9, 2010, Matt was a client of Chris’

    Chris Rodriguez is a forward thinking individual that has a strong understanding of today’s music industry. In a incredibly short period of time, Chris has built a successful & recognizable brand through Weapons X Promotions. I have hired Chris on several occasions for his promotional services and have been very satisfied wi 
  • Olivia Baltimore

    Olivia Baltimore

    Intern At Bednark Studio

    January 12, 2010, Olivia worked with Chris but at different companies

    Chris “Excel” can be summed up in the phrase “one man show”. He is an outstanding business man who takes charge and executes every aspect of a situation. I had the pleasure to see this firsthand when I worked with Chris on an event that he put together for the 2008 CMJ week in New York. From media to performan 
  • Ken Krongard

    Ken Krongard

    Co-Founder Friend-In-Deed LLC

    December 25, 2009, Ken was senior to Chris but didn’t manage directly

    Chris has a real passion for music and excellent ears. He is personable and very knowledgeable about hip hop in particular. We are happy to have him as a Scout at
  • Andre (A.R.) Robbins

    Andre (A.R.) Robbins

    Self-Employed Enterprenuer

    June 7, 2008, Chris worked with Andre (A.R.) in the same group

    Chris embodies effective leadership, expert managerial skills and a solid work ethic. He is a high-energy individual that is always up for a task or challenge, and he always delivers. He possess the fundamental skills for conducting business with integrity. Chris is also creative, strategic, great at delegating duties and project